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Oppo updates VOOC range of chargers; can charge 4,000mAh battery in 20 minutes

Oppo updates VOOC range of chargers; can charge 4,000mAh battery in 20 minutes

Increased consumption of power-hungry applications presents new energy challenges to phone users

Oppo says its latest VOOC range of smartphone chargers can charge a smartphone fully in 20 minutes. The new line-up includes the 125W flash charge, the 65W AirVOOC wireless flash charge, the portable 50W mini SuperVOOC charger and the 110W mini flash charger.

The launch comes amid the increased consumption of power-hungry applications including gaming and video viewing which present new energy challenges to many mobile phone users.

“We are confident that our new suite of products answers to the region’s preference for high-power app usage, delivering a solution that enhances user experience, portability, and speed, relegating challenges around battery life to a bygone era,” said Ethan Xue, president of Oppo Middle East and Africa.”

Oppo’s new 125W flash charge technology uses direct charging technology which can charge a 4000mAh battery to 41 per cent in five minutes and fully charge in 20 minutes at the fastest rate.

The technology behind the 125W flash charge has strengthened the safety protection features in the system by adding 10 additional temperature sensors that monitor the charging status and ensure safety during charging, the company says.

The 65W AirVOOC wireless flash charge utilises isolated charge pump technology and parallel dual-coil design to increase wireless charging efficiency for a full charge in a full charge in 30 minutes with no wires.

The company says the AirVOOC is equipped with a semiconductor cooler to adjust the heat entering and exiting ensuring that the handset is not hot after the appliance has been charged. In this case, the temperature of the back of the phone is kept over 2℃ lower than that of only using the fan to dissipate heat

The 50W mini SuperVOOC and 110W mini flash chargers can charge multiple devices on the go thanks to miniaturization technology of high-power chargers.


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