OPPO unveils Find N2 Flip smartphone
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OPPO unveils Find N2 Flip smartphone

OPPO unveils Find N2 Flip smartphone

The Find N2 Flip will be among the first smartphones in the world to receive the new Google Android 14 Beta 1 update

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Oppo Find N2 Flip

OPPO has announced its newly launched foldable phone, the Find N2 Flip will be among the first smartphones in the world to receive the new Google Android 14 Beta 1 update.

Early-adopters can get their hands on the developer’s version of ColorOS, which is built around the first beta of Android 14, to experiment with new features and APIs on their OPPO flip phone.

“OPPO’s Find N2 Flip sets a high bar for new flip smartphones. We have combined industry-leading engineering and innovation with intuitive design principles to create the Find N2 Flip.” said Peter Dohyung Lee, head of the flagship product line at OPPO.

“Cooperating with Google, OPPO recently brought the Speech-to-Text feature to the cover screen of the Find N2 Flip. Further with Android 14, we will continue to take foldable phones to new heights by combining cutting-edge hardware with unparalleled software.”

Android 14 brings several updates aimed at enhancing productivity, performance, privacy, security, and user customization. It offers more intuitive system user interfaces, such as the new mid-display back arrow and an improved system share sheet.

The system also allows apps to limit visibility of specified views only to accessibility services, which strengthens users’ privacy. Foldable devices present an opportunity for innovative app development, and developers are encouraged to use Android APIs, tools, and resources provided by Google to build apps designed for large and small screens.

The flip phone features one of the largest cover screens of its kind, the most invisible crease with its New Generation Flexion Hinge, the day-long battery life with SuperVooc flash charging. Moreover, it comes with the promise of four major ColorOS updates and five years of security updates for global users.

Developers can download the developer’s version of ColorOS built around Android 14 Beta 1 here right now. Later this year, global users of the Find N2 Flip can look forward to enjoying the public ver-sion of ColorOS based on Android 14.

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