Omani bus driver admits mistake in court

The director of Traffic Prosecution asked the court that the driver receive the toughest sentence possible

Image courtesy: Dubai Police

The Omani bus driver who was involved in a horrific crash near Rashidiya metro station in the first week of June has admitted to causing wrongful death.

He made the admission during an appearance at the Dubai Traffic Court on Tuesday.

Reportedly, the 53-year-old driver told the court, “I admit to my mistake but the sun was too bright. It was shining into my eyes so I pulled down a small curtain.”

On June 6, minutes before the bus was to complete its journey from Muscat to Dubai, it struck an overhead barrier at the Al Rashidiya exit just off Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road.

It was reported that the bus was travelling at 94kph, more than twice the 40kph speed limit.

There were 30 passengers on board, 17 of whom were killed in the accident.

Among those killed, 12 were Indian nationals, two were Pakistanis, one was an Omani national and one was an Irish national. Thirteen people were also injured.

At the court yesterday, Salah Bu Farousha Al Felasi, director of Traffic Prosecution, asked the court that the driver receive the toughest sentence possible adding that it was “the driver’s irresponsibility, lack of attention and carelessness caused a great calamity.”

If found guilty, the driver could face imprisonment for up to seven years, a fine, as well be obliged to pay Dhs3.4m in blood money.