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Oman tightens regulation on absconding worker cases

Oman tightens regulation on absconding worker cases

Companies will now need to prove they have paid a worker to file a case


Oman’s Ministry of Manpower has reportedly introduced new regulation designed to protect workers in relation to absconding cases.

Times of Oman reports that under the changes companies will be required to submit a bank statement proving a worker had received their salary for up to three months before they went missing.

Authorities will also investigate companies that make more than five absconder complaints a month, or 10 a year, and workers will be able to object to absconding reporters with 60 days of the notice by submitting evidence.

“If the competent department proves that the report is false, the report will be revoked. The ministry may, at the request of another employer, and the consent of the worker, transfer his/her services without recourse to the original employer,” the ministry was quoted as saying.

“However, if the report is found to be correct and his/her objection is unjustified, “the worker shall be fined between OMR400 ($1,040) and OMR800 ($2079).”

An absconding report cannot be submitted by a company if it has already issued a no objection certificate allowing the worker to switch jobs or in the case of a dispute between the employee and employer before it is filed.

Companies are required under law to report absconding employees via the ministry’s website and pay the equivalent of the price of a return airline ticket for the worker.

If an absconding worker is found to be working for another employer that company must pay the original recruitment cost for the worker and transfer and training costs.

Oman has frozen the hiring of foreigners in a number of sectors to boost recruitment of Omanis.

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