Oman raises salary cap for fuel subsidy cards
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Oman raises salary cap for fuel subsidy cards

Oman raises salary cap for fuel subsidy cards

Those earning up to $2,467 a month will now be able to benefit


Oman has raised the salary cap for a fuel subsidy card system, allowing more citizens to benefit.

The system, introduced in December, initially allowed Omani citizens over the age of 18 that earn OMR600 ($1,559) a month or less to pump 200 litres of subsidised fuel every month.

The Council of Ministers said following a meeting on Sunday that it would be raising the ceiling of subsidy support to those earning up to OMR950 ($2,467) a month.

This will mean nearly 70 per cent of the 346,083 Omanis working in the private and public sectors can benefit, based on government figures.

The decision could be a reflection of improving government finances after a 58 per cent increase in international oil benchmark Brent over the last year to more than $76.

It will come into effect on August 1.

Concerns that price rises were negatively impacting low earners saw the government cap M91 fuel at OMR0.186 a litre last year.

This came after the government linked rates at the pump to international oil prices in 2016.

In June, the sultanate’s prices at the pump fell slightly from OMR0.199 ($0.52) to OMR0.191 ($0.50) for M95 and OMR0.186 to OMR0.180 for M95.

Diesel rates were also down from OMR0.204 to OMR 0.197.

Citizens must have a vehicle registered with Royal Oman Police or a fishing boat registered with the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries to receive a subsidy card.

Omanis can apply online at


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