Oman quadruples cost of tourist visas
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Oman quadruples cost of tourist visas

Oman quadruples cost of tourist visas

The fee increase will see the cost of entering the country rise to around $50


Oman has quadrupled the cost of short stay tourist visas as the government seeks new revenues.

Oman Police announced that tourists would now be required to purchase a short stay visa for OMR20 ($52) from the previous OMR5 ($13), according to Times of Oman.

In addition, the length of stay for the visa has been increased from 10 days to a month, with further extensions possible.

The move follows the introduction of a new e-visa framework designed to make it easier for tourists from Iran, India, China and Russia to visit the country.

Travel and tourism offices and hotels with three-, four- and five-star ratings are also allowed to submit applications to issue tourist visas to foreigners.

Oman said earlier this year it would introduce number of austerity measures, including cuts to tax exemptions and changes to fees, to diversify government revenues after being it hard by the falling oil price.

Government spending this year is projected to total OMR11.7bn ($30.4bn) and revenues OMR8.7bn, which would result in a deficit of OMR3bn.

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The sultanate is seeking to add 6,000 new hotel rooms by 2020 inline with its 2040 vision to boost visitor numbers to 11 million.

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