Oman proposes changes to life imprisonment
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Oman proposes changes to life imprisonment

Oman proposes changes to life imprisonment

Life in prison could be reduced to 25 years if new proposals are agreed

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Oman is mulling changes to its legal system that could reduce life imprisonment to 25 years.

Under Omani law, life in prison currently equates to the prisoner’s entire remaining years, but proposals by the legal committee at the Shura Council could dramatically reduce the term.

Committee member Shahm Al Shahoomi said: “We have suggested the change as we feel that life sentence means execution but in a slower way.

“The committee held several meetings with experts and specialists of such laws from Sultan Qaboos University SQU, Supreme Court, Public Prosecution, Ministry of Legal Affairs and the council legal experts.”

Al Shahoomi also said that the committee had studied the codes of other countries before submitting its suggestions, and added that the penalty did not always fit the crime.

He said: “Many crimes were not equal with the penalty and vice versa. The committee came out with proportionality between crimes and penalties imposed for violators.”

If agreed, the new laws will not affect those serving existing sentences, but only those coming after their establishment.


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