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Oman plans labour complexes to house foreign workers

Oman plans labour complexes to house foreign workers

The complexes would place workers away from residential neighbourhoods


Authorities in Oman are planning to build new labour complexes to house single foreign workers around Muscat, according to reports.

Times of Oman cited Muscat municipal council members as saying that the plans followed complaints from Omanis living in areas like Ruwi, Hamriya and Wadi Adai where large numbers of “semi-skilled workers” stay sometimes illegally in shared accommodation.

Chairman of Muscat Municipality Council’s public affairs committee, Malik Hilal Al Yahmad, confirmed three sites had been chosen in Bausher, Amerat and Mabella.

He said design work was underway and tenders would be called once the work was completed.

The locations have been chosen to place workers close to industrial complexes where many work.

The sites will be off-limits to expats living with family members or those who rent their own apartments.

The Amerat site alone will accommodate 100,000 workers, an official was quoted as saying.

Subletting in the country is currently illegal but many workers share accommodation to make ends meet.


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