Hands-on review: How Nothing Ear 2 is disrupting the way we use earbuds
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How Nothing Ear 2 is disrupting the way we use earbuds

How Nothing Ear 2 is disrupting the way we use earbuds

With a focus on providing an immersive listening experience, the earbuds not only deliver great audio quality but also demonstrate the brand’s meticulous attention to engineering

Divsha Bhat
Nothing Ear 2

The Nothing Ear 2 earbuds have arrived with a promise of elite engineering, personalised features and a focus on meeting users’ everyday needs.

We had the opportunity to test out these earbuds, and here’s our experience.

Setting up Nothing Ear 2

One of the standout features of the Nothing Ear 2 is the Personal Sound Profile. It starts with an Ear Tip Fit Test, ensuring a snug fit for optimal audio quality and comfort.

Then, users take a hearing test powered by Mimi, where they indicate whether they can hear or not hear a range of sounds at different frequencies. This creates their unique Hearing ID.

The Ear 2 adjusts the equaliser settings based on the analysis of a user’s sensitivity to different frequencies, resulting in a completely personalised audio experience for every song, video or game.

Audio quality

Nothing has also paid attention to the audio quality, focusing on custom structures and new material combinations.

The Ear 2 features an 11.6 mm custom driver with a unique dual chamber design, delivering clearer and brighter high frequencies while delving even deeper into low frequencies.

To enhance the call quality, the Ear 2 comes equipped with three microphones and an AI noise-reduction algorithm. These features make phone calls feel like face-to-face conversations, filtering distractions and emphasising the user’s voice, regardless of their location.

The microphones have been repositioned to provide better wind noise resistance, ensuring clear communication even in adverse conditions.

Meanwhile the custom diaphragm, made from a combination of polyurethane (PU) and graphene, ensures pure and powerful low-frequency reproduction.

Additionally, the larger space created by the dual chamber design allows for smoother airflow and even clearer sound delivery.

Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) is another highlight of the Nothing Ear 2. Users can choose from three levels of ANC, including Adaptive Mode, which adjusts noise cancellation levels based on the surrounding environment.

Alternatively, users can opt for personalised ANC, which tailors the noise cancellation to the exact shape of their ear canal. This personalised approach enhances the ANC experience, ensuring maximum noise reduction.

Connectivity and battery life

Connectivity and battery life are also impressive with the Nothing Ear 2. The flagship chipset enables users to enjoy up to 36 hours of music playback with the charging case.

The earbuds are IP54 rated, providing protection against water and dust for everyday use, while the charging case boasts an IP55 rating for added peace of mind. Wireless charging is supported at up to 2.5W (Qi certified), and the charging case can fast charge for 10 minutes to provide up to eight hours of playback.

The Ear 2 allows users to connect to two devices simultaneously, offering seamless switching between devices for music playback and calls. The press controls provide ultimate ease and comfort, allowing users to skip tracks, switch between ANC modes, and adjust the volume with ease.

In conclusion, the Nothing Ear 2 earbuds offer a great listening experience and the brand’s attention to detail in engineering and material selection sets them apart, delivering an immersive audio experience.

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