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New York University Abu Dhabi Institute launches online Nobel Laureate Lecture Series

New York University Abu Dhabi Institute launches online Nobel Laureate Lecture Series

The series is available on the Institute’s YouTube channel

The New York University Abu Dhabi (NYUAD) Institute has launched an online Nobel Laureate Lecture Series, featuring six past lectures delivered at the institute.

The series is available on the NYUAD Institute’s YouTube channel.

A statement from the university said that that series includes how electricity powers our muscles, attempts to understand the origin of cellular life and the implications of artificial intelligence on society and economics, reported news agency WAM

NYUAD’s director of public programming, Philip Kennedy, said that the Institute was keen to build on the atmosphere of community and conversation that it had generated over the last decade.

“Of course, we miss enormously the personal contact of our normal and regular get-togethers, and the chance they have always given us to meet each other, to encounter new colleagues with the opportunity of discussing the invariably important subjects of any given lecture,” said Kennedy.

“To offer, as others are keen to do also, intellectual diversion from the morbidity that otherwise possesses the airwaves, we have started with a series of six lectures by Nobel laureates. It is a thrill to rediscover any and all of our past events, but especially satisfying to recall the eminent stature of those speakers and researchers who have visited us,” added Kennedy.

In April, the Institute shortlisted five of their previous talks and made them available online.
These talks ranged from the ambiguity of humor in Egyptian politics and a reflection on culture, to the evolution of falconry and astronomical discoveries delivered by intellecutuals including Nobel Laureate in Literature Wole Soyinka; Professor of Anthropology at Northwestern University Jessica Winegar; and Founder of Al Kamda Falcons Mohammed Kamda, among others.

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