New tech-based diabetes centre offering real-time monitoring opens in Dubai
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New tech-based diabetes centre offering real-time monitoring opens in Dubai

New tech-based diabetes centre offering real-time monitoring opens in Dubai

Patients will be provided with wearable and connected technology to track their parameters

GluCare App

A new diabetes centre that will provide patients constant remote monitoring through technology has opened in Dubai.

GluCare Integrated Diabetes Center claims that it is the region’s “first healthcare provider” to use digital therapeutics (DTx), which uses software such as an app, to deliver therapeutic interventions to patients.

Located on Al Wasl Road in Al Bada’a, GluCare offers its data monitoring technology that will provides clinicians with a comprehensive and real-time view of patients and their condition.

Patients will be provided with wearable and connected technology, and a proprietary platform will measure and assess over 10 health parameters.

A kit, handed out to all new diabetes patients at GluCare, will include a wearable ‘band’ that measures heart rate and heart rate variability, respiration rate, physical activity, skin temperature, and sleep patterns; a wearable continuous glucose monitor or blood glucose device; and may include a smart blood pressure monitor; and smart weight scale.

The connected devices collect and collate data in a phone app that, along with self-reported factors such as photos of meals and well-being questionnaires, are sent back in real-time to an AI and machine learning platform.

Through AI and machine learning, real-time insights and risk factors are identified for each patient and are shared with GluCare’s doctors, health coaches and nutritionists.

Access to this information “allows the team to make timely decisions regarding the patient’s care – especially between routine visits”, a statement said.

The identification of risk factors also allows GluCare’s team to make necessary remote or in-clinic interventions to improve care and compliance, or to prevent or improve outcomes for diabetes-related co-morbidities including hypertension, atrial fibrillation, and sleep apnea.

The app also offers two-way communication between patients and their health coaches and doctors.

Outpatient specialties within the centre include endocrinology, ophthalmology, cardiology, and podiatry. It also has an in-house lab and pharmacy.

Patients can check-in to their appointment in advance via the phone app, and also book complimentary non-emergency transport to and from the clinic.

In the UAE, diabetes affects about 20 per cent of the total population, with an equal number of pre-diabetics. According to officials, diabetics represented nearly 40 per cent of Covid-19 fatalities in the UAE.

“Diabetes is a 24/7 condition that traditionally relied on guesswork and a one-size-fits-all approach that we know doesn’t work for most patients – a fact that has been tragically highlighted during the pandemic,” said GluCare co-founder and managing director Dr Ihsan Almarzooqi.

“Since opening in early September, we have seen first-hand rapid improvements in patients, and the promising potential for their long-term outcomes.

“Our ‘continuous healthcare’ model means better outcomes and better health for patients through more personalised care and increased compliance to care plans,” he added.

At present, GluCare has partnered with several insurance providers including AXA, as well as third party administrator Neuron/NAS which includes Cigna Insurance.

“We have witnessed an explosion of digital health over the last decade fueled by the emergence of social media platforms, wearables and cloud-based data platforms,” said Jerome Droesch, CEO MEA and SEA for Cigna.

“This means, patients will expect the medical community to adopt and apply evidence-based behavioural treatments and therapeutic interventions online that are driven by software to manage or prevent a disease either independently or in co-ordination with medication to optimise health outcomes.”

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