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New smartphone brand Wileyfox to launch in GCC

New smartphone brand Wileyfox to launch in GCC

Wileyfox, which launched in Europe this year, is targeting the affordable segment

The United Kingdom-based smartphone company Wileyfox will soon launch its devices in the Gulf Cooperation Council, the phone manufacturer said in a statement.

The company did not specify when it is planning to launch the brand in the region.

Wileyfox, launched in Europe this August, with its devices Wileyfox Swift and Storm. Powered by Android-based operating system Cyanogen 12.1, Storm has a 5.5 inches screen and works on a Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 processor. Meanwhile Swift has a five inches screen with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 processor.

“The GCC has a large early adopter population and is always interested in the latest in technology, making it an ideal environment for the Wileyfox brand,” said Wileyfox MEA’s managing director Nitin Sood.

“Since our establishment in the UK earlier this year, we have been recognized across key markets in Europe for our high quality and value for money. We look forward to very soon extending our offerings to GCC smartphone enthusiasts, giving them the unique opportunity to access and experiment with the latest in smartphone technology at very affordable prices.”

Wileyfox did not specify what will the phone’s prices be in the region but Swift is being sold for $200 (Dhs 735) in other markets.

Smartphone shipments to the Middle East and North Africa region rose 66 per cent in the first quarter of this year to reach 36 million units, a report from IDC showed. The report estimated that the region will see nearly 155 million units shipped by the end of this year.

High smartphone penetration rates in markets such as Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates have made them attractive for smartphone vendors.

Recently Chinese phone maker Huawei launched its products Honor 7 and the Mate S in the region while Apple launched iPhone 6s and 6s Plus in October. Lenovo also released the Phab Plus in the Middle East market in September

Affordable smartphone brands have also entered the market over recent years. Some of the new entrants include Obi Mobiles, co-founded by former Apple CEO John Sculley, French firm Wiko and Indian company XOLO.


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