New rules authorise Dubai police to impound vehicles for racing on roads

Police can seize a vehicle if the owner has unpaid fines worth Dhs 6,000 or is found to be racing

Dubai’s ruler Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum has issued a new decree that allows Dubai Police to impound vehicles for traffic offenses.

According to a report by state news agency WAM, police can seize a vehicle if the owner has unpaid fines worth Dhs 6,000 or if the driver’s license has expired.

Police can also seize vehicles that are being driven recklessly or pose a threat to others on the road. Drivers who try to flee when flagged by the police can also have their vehicles confiscated, WAM said.

The new decree authorises the police to impound vehicles found racing on the roads and impose a fine of Dhs100,000 for the offense. Meanwhile motorcycles that are being ridden on the pavement will also be seized and the drivers will be fined Dhs50,000. Vehicles that are fitted with modifications to increase speed, in turn causing disturbance to other motorists, can be confiscated too according to the new regulations issued.

In line with a previous law, the impounded vehicles will be disposed through a public auction within the next three months if the owner does not reclaim them.

The new rules toughen road safety measures in Dubai as casualties from traffic accidents grow. According to Dubai Police, 25 pedestrians and cyclists were killed by reckless motorists during the first seven months of this year, up from 19 during the corresponding period of 2014.

The officials have also issued a number of laws to ensure traffic safety and reduce road accidents. Last year, the UAE intensified its crackdown on drivers using a mobile phone while driving, handing out harsh penalties to violators.

Meanwhile police also said that women drivers applying make-up and men who comb their hair or adjust their traditional Arabic head-gear while driving could be slapped with a fine of Dhs 1,000.

Violators of the rule, classified under the dangerous driving category, will also receive 12 black points and have their vehicles impounded, police said.