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New mixed-use waterfront development planned for Abu Dhabi’s western region

New mixed-use waterfront development planned for Abu Dhabi’s western region

Al Wajeha Al Bahria, located within Mirfa, will include a number of villas and community facilities.

Al Wajeha Al Bahria is the first housing and retail project in the Mirfa beach area of Al Gharbia. It will feature mixed-use blocks and a number of villas and community facilities, a statement said.

A beachfront promenade for walkers and cyclists and large areas of public space will also be included within the project.

The development will help meet the growing housing and community needs of the Al Gharbia region and is hoped to boost the development of the Mirfa coastline.

“Al Wajeha Al Bahria is a good example of how the Abu Dhabi Urban Planning Council successfully collaborates with developers to ensure the needs of the community are met,” said executive director of Urban Development and Estidama Sector at UPC Mohamed Al Khadar.

“On Al Wajeha Al Bahria, a stronger link between the residential part of the development and the natural beachfront and landscaped areas has been created through shaded pathways – we are confident that this will accentuate the living experience for its residents.

“In line with community needs, the project will be a new attraction for Mirfa residents and local visitors to enjoy the amenities provided. Given its location adjacent to the future Mirfa Beach development, these residents will have easy access to one of Al Gharbia’s natural assets.”

The UPC has also worked with the Western region municipality to implement a road network in and around the Mirfa coastline area to serve the new development, it said.

The announcement comes soon after the UPC disclosed details of the planned Mirfa Beach development which will feature over 400 villas for United Arab Emirates nationals on a site adjacent to Al Wajeha Al Bahria.

The design of the Mirfa Beach villas, along with the detailed design for all other community facilities within the development, is in progress and construction is due to begin in the first half of 2017.

Other proposed projects in Mirfa include a civic centre, a maritime centre, mosques, schools, and other community facilities.


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