New Lumia Range – Nokia’s Last Hurrah?
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New Lumia Range – Nokia’s Last Hurrah?

New Lumia Range – Nokia’s Last Hurrah?

A busy few weeks for the mobile phone marketplace sees two new handsets from Nokia as it attempts to win back its share of the limelight.

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Apple weren’t the only ones smiling last month as Samsung was ordered to pay a $1.05 billion fine to the California-based technology giant.

The successful lawsuit against the South Korean manufacturer not only sent Samsung and Google shares tumbling but it lifted previously dead in-the-water rivals, Nokia, whose US-listed shares gained nine per cent in early trading that morning.

No better time then for Nokia to launch their new handsets – the Lumia 820 and Lumia 920, the first phones to use Microsoft’s latest Windows Phone 8 software.

However their first impressions left a sour taste in investors’ mouths as Nokia shares dropped 13 per cent when they were unveiled on Wednesday.

That said, many believe this is Nokia’s last hurrah at challenging the Apple and android dominated marketplace, and they’ve not held back.

The new Lumia 920’s photo-capturing ability is one of the key points Nokia is shouting about. It uses the latest advances in Nokia’s PureView imaging innovation using advanced floating lens technology to take in five times more light than competing smartphones.

Nokia claim the 8.7 megapixel camera can capture clear, bright pictures and video indoors and at night without flash.

Nokia is so confident in the quality of images taken it’s comparing them to SLR snaps – a bold statement. Though in giving the Lumia a bigger screen, measuring 4.5 inches, Nokia has hedged its bets.

The Lumia 920 also debuts one of Nokia’s latest additions, the City Lens. By pointing the camera at a city street, the app overlays information about restaurants, shops, hotels etc on the surfaces of the buildings. The beginning of augmented reality becoming a popular phenomenon? Quite possibly.

The new phone also heralds the mainstream arrival of wireless charging. Recharge pillows and wireless charging dock stations are supported by Nokia’s largest ever battery – 2000mAh. Meanwhile the phone powers itself with a 1.5GHz Dual Core Snapdragon S4 processor.

The Lumia comes in a range of colours – a Nokia-ism if ever there was one. Take your pick from yellow, red, grey, white or black.

Meanwhile it’s little brother the Lumia 820 comes with a slightly smaller screen, smaller camera, smaller battery and less memory, but still promises to pack a punch for a compact, mid-range smartphone.

Finally a phone from Nokia to rival that of Apple? With the most valuable company on the planet hinting at September 12th for the release of the iPhone 5, let’s wait and see.

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