Netflix's new reality show 'Dubai Bling' to start from October 27
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Netflix’s new reality show ‘Dubai Bling’ to start from October 27

Netflix’s new reality show ‘Dubai Bling’ to start from October 27

Dubai bling follows the stories of ten self-made millionaires living lavish livestyles in Dubai

Zubina Ahmed
Netflix's new reality show Dubai Bling to start from October 27

With its giant skyscrapers, opulent shopping malls, fancy cars, and lavish mansions, Dubai is undoubtedly a playground for the rich and famous.

Keeping up with this image, the popular streaming platform Netflix is launching a new Arabic reality show called ‘Dubai Bling’ on October 27.

Dubai bling follows the stories of ten self-made millionaires in Dubai. “Step off the private jet and into a high-flying social circle in Dubai, where lavish parties, stunning skylines, and jaw-dropping fashion are the norm,” says Netflix when describing the premise of Dubai Bling.

With less than three days to go for the first episode to be released, the first trailer from Netflix has added to the excitement


Known as the land of wealth and opportunities, Dubai has long attracted the bold and ambitious who will stop at nothing to make their dreams come true.

The cast of Dubai Bling embodies this determined spirit, giving you behind-the-scenes access to the daily lives of the trailblazers who are at the top of their fields. From real estate, entertainment, socialites, and influencers to the enterprising businessman who pursued their passion, the cast built their empires from the ground up.

So, who is in the Dubai Bling cast? The ten members are from UAE, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and Lebanon. Despite their diverse backgrounds, nationalities and occupations, they all have one thing in common: getting to the top and staying on top!

These include Kris Fade– radio presenter of Virgin Radio Dubai and his wife Brianna Fade; Ebraheem Al Samadi who is the owner of UAE’s only 2D illustration Forever Rose Cafe; DJ Bliss, a popular Emirati DJ, and Dubai-based content creator and social media influencer Farhan Bodi.

Some other cast members include Zeina Khoury – CEO and Chief Growth Officer of High Mark Real Estate Brokers; Safa Siddiqui– an Iraqi-British influencer; Danya Mohammed– entrepreneur and wife of DJ Bliss; TV Show host Lojain Omran and Lebanese socialite Loujain Adadah.

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