Neom unveils world's longest infinity pool at Treyam and a cantilevered hotel at Gidori
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Neom unveils world’s longest infinity pool at Treyam and a cantilevered hotel at Gidori

Neom unveils world’s longest infinity pool at Treyam and a cantilevered hotel at Gidori

NEOM’s latest announcements add to the development plan that includes Norlana, Epicon and Aquellum, among others

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NEOM’s Board of Directors, has in recent days unveiled two stunning upcoming projects, under the $500bn city’s umbrella. Treyam and Gidori are two distinct developments that combine elements of the sea and the desert, in a futuristic setting.

With Treyam, NEOM plans to develop a bridge resort nestled at the intersection of the desert landscape and the sea.

In its statement, NEOM said the design, “Represents a harmonious fusion of contemporary design and minimal environmental impact, while promising guests an unparalleled retreat to unwind and rejuvenate amidst breathtaking natural vistas.”

As part of the architecture, the resort will feature the world’s longest infinity pool measuring 450 metres in length.  For comparison, the suspended infinity pool at One Za’abeel in Dubai is 120 metres long.

Overlooking the azure waters at the southern tip of the Gulf of Aqaba, Treyam promises a “luxurious gateway beckoning guests to embrace active lifestyles”.

Design renders of the project depict the façade of the half-a-kilometre long structure straddling the shore and a lagoon.

NEOM says it is a space for adventure and endeavours with “its upper and lower floors offering panoramic views of the tidal lagoon below and vast skies above, merging into the landscape whilst maintaining the natural integrity of the shoreline.”

The resort will offer a variety of activities such as sailing, diving and other water sports as well as land sports.

NEOM’s Gidori

Days before the launch of Treyam, NEOM announced an exclusive golfing haven, titled Gidori.

Planned with a 18-hole championship course as the focal point, the development will feature a cantilevered residential beach-front complex. Almost as if suspended from the coastal landscape, it will house 190 luxury sea-view apartments.

Gidori will also have as part of the community, “a limited series of 200 individually designed and highly desirable private villas and homes.” NEOM’s statement said “Visitors to Gidori can also stay in the 80-room boutique luxury hotel, which provides a variety of uniquely designed rooms and distinctive contemporary suites.”

The project announcement said, the beach club will offer “relaxed hospitality and entertainment, with an extensive selection of water sports for all ages and experiences.”

The unveiling of the projects follows the announcement of NEOM’s collection of coastal tourism destinations, including Leyja, Epicon, Siranna, Utamo, Norlana, Aquellum, Zardun, Xaynor, and Elanan.

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