All You Need To Know About The Samsung Galaxy S5
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All You Need To Know About The Samsung Galaxy S5

All You Need To Know About The Samsung Galaxy S5

Hayssam Yassine, head of telecommunications at Samsung Gulf Electronics, discloses more details about the Samsung Galaxy S5, set to release on April 11.


It’s looking like a very busy month in the smartphone market with Sony’s Xperia Z2 and HTC’s One M8 coming out, what’s going to set the S5 out from the crowd?

Consumers suffer from four main things, smartphone battery, speed, camera and protection. We’re giving all of these in this device. The fastest auto focus on the market, at 0.3 seconds, and a selective focus option which is available on professional cameras. Second speed, with our new breakthrough technology, download booster, which combines our WiFi MiMo and LTE together to give you double the speed. Protection, today we all suffer, sometimes you’re at the beach your phone is in the sand, our device is dust and water proof with IP67 certification. Then there are the other additions like the fitness applications and the fingerprint scanner. The features that we have are unmatched, and this is how we distinguish ourselves.

Can you explain why the heartbeat scanner was included?

Because the future is fitness. Fitness is becoming part of daily life with all the sport devices that are in the market. Today to complement them you need the companion phone and having this will be a key part of your exercise and fitness routine. This is the main objective.

Are there any plans to allow Samsung’s wearable devices to be compatible with other manufacturers?

Up to this stage it’s in our ecosystem, which is yes, only compatible with Samsung devices. In the future we don’t know what it will be. If this changes there will of course be an official announcement.

What are your sales projections, the Z2 we’re told is hoped to reach 800,000 units sold, would you aim to beat that?

I cannot say a specific number, we are very ambitious people, we believe we have the right product and are looking for big sales numbers.

Samsung devices have previously been criticised for the amount of plastic they use, why has plastic continued to be the main material in the S5 design?

Today you can make a beautiful metallic phone but you have to sacrifice other elements. For us the philosophy is simple, combining the best hardware and software to deliver the overall package. It’s actually not plastic but acrylic if I remember rightly, its durable despite the perception.


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