Mubadala, Resilience partner to develop biopharma manufacturing in the UAE
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Mubadala, US-based Resilience to manufacture biopharma in UAE

Mubadala, US-based Resilience to manufacture biopharma in UAE

As part of the agreement, Mubadala will construct the new facility, where Resilience will manufacture biopharmaceutical-related products


Mubadala Investment Company (Mubadala), an Abu Dhabi sovereign investor, and US-based National Resilience (Resilience), a technology-focused manufacturing company, have signed a deal to further advance the UAE’s life sciences ecosystem through biopharma manufacturing.

National Resilience is a biotechnology company headquartered in California in the US that is building a network of high-tech, end-to-end manufacturing solutions with the aim of ensuring that the existing and future needs for complex medicines are met quickly.

Through a development agreement, Mubadala will establish the manufacturing facility, in which Resilience will operate and manufacture biopharmaceutical-related products out of the UAE. The range of therapeutics will be used to treat complex diseases such as cancer, infectious diseases, and inflammatory and autoimmune disorders.

The Abu Dhabi-based facility will be the first Goods Manufacturing Practice (GMP) biopharma facility in the UAE as well as the first of its kind in the region to manufacture essential life sciences products for advanced biologics. Over the past two years, Mubadala has invested in multiple rounds of equity financing in Resilience.

As a strategic investor focused on accelerating the economic diversification of the UAE through innovative investments, Mubadala will leverage the existing capabilities of its portfolio company; Strata Manufacturing (Strata), the advanced manufacturing champion that currently builds complex parts for the aerospace sector.

The agreement was witnessed by Musabbeh Al-Kaabi, CEO of UAE Investments at Mubadala and signed by Badr Al-Olama executive director, UAE Clusters at Mubadala and Rahul Singhvi, ScD, CEO of Resilience.

“Through this agreement, Mubadala and its group companies will unlock further opportunities for growth within the life sciences ecosystem, and alongside our key partners, will play an instrumental role in establishing a state-of-the-art biopharma campus that will secure the region’s supply chain from Abu Dhabi,” commented Al-Olama.

“We are excited to expand the footprint of our Resilience manufacturing network outside of North America. This is a significant milestone, not just for our company but also for our nation,” said Singhvi.

“We look forward to working alongside America’s allies in the region to ensure that trusted, cutting-edge biopharmaceutical manufacturing capacity is available to support local, regional and global economies.”

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