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Microsoft Edge overtakes Firefox for second place in browser market

Microsoft Edge overtakes Firefox for second place in browser market

Google Chrome remains the leader with 71 per cent market share

Microsoft Edge has overtaken Mozilla Firefox to emerge as the second-most used web browser, according to a new report by netmarketshare. Globally, 8 per cent of all internet consumers use Edge to connect online, versus 7 per cent for Firefox.

Google Chrome remains the runaway leader, with 71 per cent of the market share.

Incidentally, (non-profit) Mozilla launched Firefox in 2004 as an alternative to Microsoft’s Internet Explorer. Firefox surpassed Internet Explorer as the most popular browser in 2009 due to its add-on features and greater security protection.

The release of Chrome in 2008 upended the browser market, with its share rising steadily to nearly three-quarters of the market today. Chrome has since turned into a lucrative arm of the Google behemoth, driving users to the search platform.

Firefox remained the second most popular browser for years, attracting users due to its privacy guarantees. The decision by Microsoft to replace the unpopular Internet Explorer with Edge in 2015 marked the beginning of its fightback.

Microsoft also has a potentially outsized audience it can push the browser to through its Windows OS. Microsoft has also been trying to focus on security and privacy, as internet users become increasingly wary of websites that seem to track their every move.

Microsoft also trails Google in the search engine market, at 13 per cent versus 70 per cent.

Chrome similarly continues to dominate the mobile browser market according to the report, with 63 per cent versus 28 per cent for Apple’s Safari. Firefox’s share of the mobile market is negligible.

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