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MENA employees believe ethics is collective responsibility – poll

MENA employees believe ethics is collective responsibility – poll

Survey by and CUD also reveals professionals’ faith in their managers’ decisions

More than two thirds of professionals in the Middle East and North Africa region believe that ethics in the workplace is the responsibility of all employees, according to a new survey.

The poll, undertaken by in collaboration with the Canadian University Dubai, shows 65 per cent of respondents think it is the responsibility of all employees to be ethical in business, while 20 per cent said it is the company’s responsibility, by establishing a strong code of conduct.

The research was carried out to find out views on ethical leadership across MENA, and the role business leaders play in encouraging ethical conduct.

The results show that 79 per cent of professionals feel that their managers ‘usually’ or ‘sometimes’ make fair and balanced decisions, while 67 per cent believe that their managers prioritise ethics over profit ‘to a large extent’ or ‘occasionally’.

Three quarters of those surveyed said that their managers set and example of how to do things ethically ‘often’ or ‘some of the time’, and 79 per cent said their managers define success not just by the results, but also the way results are obtained.


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