Masdar City unveils the region’s largest pump track
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Masdar City unveils the region’s largest pump track for cyclists, skateboarders

Masdar City unveils the region’s largest pump track for cyclists, skateboarders

The pump track is more than 7,500 square metres of shaded hills, banked turns, and rest areas supporting three tracks totaling more than 500 metres

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Masdar City Pump track study showed water savings from 40 to 60 percent

In the heart of Abu Dhabi’s sustainable urban community, Masdar City, an exciting new addition is making waves – the region’s largest pump track.

Set within the verdant expanse of Masdar Park, this eco-friendly marvel is not just a hub for wheel enthusiasts of all kinds but is also a testament to sustainable urban design.

Measuring 7,500 square metres, the track offers a landscape of shaded hills, banked turns and serene rest areas, attracting cyclists, scooters, skateboarders, rollerbladers and even wheelchair users.

Crafted in collaboration with Velosolutions, a well-known track builder from Switzerland, the park is constructed using recycled construction waste sourced from previous Masdar City projects.

Designed for wheels of all kinds—bicycles, scooters, skateboards, rollerblades, and wheelchairs—and it’s made sustainably

But the sustainability story doesn’t end there. Beneath the surface lies liquid natural clay — this eco-friendly solution, when combined with soil, acts as a water-conserving agent, reducing moisture loss and promoting greenery growth.

As part of the project, Masdar City commissioned a seven-month study that included live digital monitoring of the soil moisture around the track in areas that included trees, ground covers and shrubs. The study revealed impressive results: water savings of up to 60 per cent for trees during certain periods and an average savings of 40 per cent overall.

Masdar City: Committed to sustainability

In other news, earlier this year, the community partnered with Alesca Technologies, an agricultural technology company, to launch its first indoor vertical farm.

Housed in repurposed shipping containers near Eco-Plaza, the farm features two full‐size commercial farming containers that will generate upwards of 650kg of leafy greens per month all year round for a farm‐to-fork experience.

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