How Mark:MetaEarth is blurring the lines between real and virtual worlds
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The digital bridge to reality: How Mark:MetaEarth is blurring the lines between real and virtual worlds

The digital bridge to reality: How Mark:MetaEarth is blurring the lines between real and virtual worlds

Mark:MetaEarth brings people closer together and enables new ways of interaction

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Have you ever wished you could leave your mark on the world? Well, now you can with Mark:MetaEarth, the augmented reality (AR) social application from Taurus Ventures, founded by Ziad Jarrar. This technology is the first of its kind, blurring the lines between the real and virtual worlds like never before.

Mark:MetaEarth lets you interact with people and places in ways you never thought possible.

Imagine standing in front of the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt, one of the most amazing constructions in the world. With the help of your phone and the Mark:MetaEarth app, you can see 3D icons floating around you, each representing a mark left by people who have visited the Pyramids before you. These marks can take the form of images, videos, pictures, and messages, all of which you can interact with in real time. You can even leave your own mark, a video message attached to the location for others to view and interact with.

But Mark:MetaEarth isn’t just a platform for social interaction. It’s also a powerful utility that can revolutionise how we do things. For example, if you’re an esports fan, imagine playing a game with 49 other players in the real world, all wearing smart glasses and using technology in the middle of downtown Riyadh. The possibilities are endless, and Mark:MetaEarth is just the beginning.

Ziad Jarrar, the CEO of Taurus Ventures, has a long history of creating innovative solutions that solve real-world problems. He started his first company, Spot Media, in 2003, a digital signage company in the MENA region with offices in Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

In 2012, he founded Shop Mate, a smart application that knows what you want before you want it.

And in 2014, he founded Taurus, a human-centred design and innovation company that has produced creative and innovative ideas for clients such as NEOM, DGDA, KAFD, Ministry of Tourism, MISK, among others.

But for Jarrar, it’s not about the money. It’s about creating value and investing in people and their visions. He sees Mark:MetaEarth as the next biggest platform for social interaction and utility. He envisions Taurus Ventures working with entrepreneurs in Saudi Arabia to help them go to market and expand around the world, leveraging technology for good.

Mark:MetaEarth is the culmination of Jarrar’s passion for innovation, technology and social impact. It’s a product that blurs the lines between the real and virtual worlds, bringing people closer together and enabling new ways of interaction and utility.

With Taurus Ventures at the helm, Mark:MetaEarth is just the beginning of what’s possible when we combine innovation, design, and technology to create experiences that truly matter.

As the world becomes increasingly digital, Mark:MetaEarth reminds us that human interaction is still the most important thing.

As technology advances, we can only imagine the incredible experiences and interactions made possible by the digital bridge.

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