Majority Of UAE Employees Work Better From Home – Survey

The survey also revealed that UAE workers preferred flexible hours to a pay hike.

Around 42 per cent of employees in the UAE said that they work more efficiently from home when compared to an office, café or any other public place, according to a survey conducted by Aruba Networks.

The report reveals characteristics of ‘GenMobile’, a group of employees who are in the early stages of their career, who prefer mobility both in terms of the devices they use and their approach to work.

The majority of UAE respondents said that they work most efficiently before 9am and after 6pm – past the traditional working hours.

The survey revealed that UAE workers preferred flexible hours to a pay hike. Around 48 per cent of those polled said that they preferred to work from home two to three days a week rather than receive a 10 per cent salary increase.

A large number of employees also said that they would rather have their employer pay for the smartphone of their choice instead of pay hikes or free lunches.

The survey also found that a quarter of the respondents said that they would bring their own device to work rather than have an office with a window.

“We’ve seen flexible working, BYOD and always-on connectivity in UAE growing for some time, but this report shows that it’s now become a way of life for those in the modern workforce,” said Ammar Enaya, regional director at Aruba Networks Middle East & Turkey.

“What this report suggests is that GenMobile won’t have patience with companies who do not accommodate their mobile lives. In order to attract and keep the best employees, businesses in UAE need to start looking for solutions to ensure levels of empowerment and productivity in this emerging working world.”

Enaya said that many employers would eventually have to totally redefine work environments to cater to GenMobile workers.

“Making the necessary workplace changes needs to be supplemented with solid technology choices; employers will only succeed in motivating GenMobile workers if they have the security and connections available to facilitate this shift,” he said.