Louvre Abu Dhabi draws over 1.2million visitors in 2023
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Louvre Abu Dhabi draws over 1.2million visitors in 2023

Louvre Abu Dhabi draws over 1.2million visitors in 2023

Since its opening in 2017, the Louvre Abu Dhabi has not only attracted art enthusiasts and collectors but also positioned the emirate as a global cultural hub


In 2023, Louvre Abu Dhabi attracted more than 1.2 million visitors, bolstered by captivating exhibitions, educational programs, and engaging outdoor activities, reported state news agency WAM.

International guests constituted 72 percent of the footfall, with key growth markets like Russia, India, and the US leading the influx.

Notably, the museum surpassed 5 million visitors since its inception, affirming its global cultural significance.

A historical landmark

Since its opening in 2017, Louvre Abu Dhabi has redefined the cultural landscape, showcasing a diverse array of artifacts and artworks from various civilizations under one roof.

Designed by Pritzker Prize-winning architect Jean Nouvel, the museum’s iconic dome, adorned with 7,850 aluminum stars, stands as a testament to architectural brilliance.

Constructed on a dry dock with 503,000 cubic meters of sand, the museum features a marina for private yachts, further enhancing its allure.

Curating cultural excellence

The museum’s curatorial craftsmanship shone in 2023 with five exceptional exhibitions, including “Bollywood Superstars: A Short Story of Indian Cinema” and “Cartier: Islamic Inspiration and Modern Design.” Notable acquisitions, such as Picasso paintings and sculptures from Château de Versailles, enriched the museum’s collection.

Commemorating the UAE-Malta diplomatic relationship, Louvre Abu Dhabi received significant loans from the National Museum of Archaeology and Musée du Louvre.

Educational endeavors

Louvre Abu Dhabi’s commitment to education was evident in its engagement with over 45,000 students and teachers in 2023, marking a 75 percent increase from the previous year.

Special initiatives like “Schools Take Over the Museum” provided immersive learning experiences, while cultural programs, talks, and workshops enriched visitors’ understanding of art and history.

The museum also embraced digital innovation, launching a new museum app with AI-powered features and podcasts to enhance the visitor experience.

Louvre Abu Dhabi a cultural hub

With its strategic partnership with the French Louvre and its unique offerings, Louvre Abu Dhabi has cemented its status as a cultural landmark.

Its presence has not only attracted art enthusiasts and collectors but also positioned Abu Dhabi as a global cultural hub.

As the museum continues to captivate audiences with its diverse exhibitions and innovative programs, it reinforces its commitment to celebrating global creativity and fostering intercultural dialogue.

UAE as a tourism hub

The outstanding visitor numbers highlight the UAE as one of the most popular tourism destinations in the world.

Earlier this year, Dubai Mall became the most visited place globally in 2023.

The mall received a record 105 million visitors last year, a jump of over 19 per cent, on the previous year’s 88 million.

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