Lotus Cars inaugurates new Dubai showroom
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Lotus Cars inaugurates new Dubai showroom

Lotus Cars inaugurates new Dubai showroom

As part of its ongoing transformation, Lotus has also opened its new sports car manufacturing facility in Hethel, England

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Matt Windle, chairman of automotive company Lotus Cars, recently visited the UAE to formal inaugurate the new showroom based in Dubai.

During his visit, Windle highlighted the company’s performance and strategy. Global retail sales for the automotive company rose 24 per cent in 2021, recording its best performance in a decade.

Meanwhile, Lotus’ Vision 80 strategy also commits the business to meet its transformational targets by 2028. Outlining strategic direction and including new product announcements, the plan is based on three key pillars – transforming the business, revolutionising the product range and delivering results every year.

In keeping with this strategy, Eletre, the all-electric Hyper-SUV from Lotus, is slated for customer delivery in 2024.

As part of its ongoing transformation, Lotus has also opened its new sports car manufacturing facility in Hethel, England. The centre capable of building around 5,000 cars a year. It forms part of Lotus’ £100m investment in the UK. In addition, a new Lotus manufacturing plant in Wuhan, China will further accelerate innovation and oversee the manufacture of new electrified lifestyle models for global markets, according to a company statement.

The new facility complements existing UK sports car manufacturing and performance facilities in Hethel and Norwich.

Speaking to Gulf Business, Windle said that the company sees the Middle East market as part of its strategic growth. “This is a vital region for us. This year alone, year-to-date, is our biggest selling market. So we have tripled sales in this area already. And with the introduction of Emira and Evija coming later in the year, we expect that to grow even further.”

When quizzed on whether the company has developed new ways of production and/or any sustainable materials, Windle said: “In the UK, which I can talk about specifically, we have gone to green energy. We are using 100 per cent green energy. We are just about to install a solar array. And we are looking for efficiencies through the business as well. We are going to offer all staff access to an electric car. The factory built in China is just about to be completed and will be used to manufacture lifestyle cars. That is a fully self-powering factory with the latest technologies. Sustainability is really at the forefront of everything we are doing.”

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