Kutayba Yusuf Alghanim | Gulf Business

60. Kutayba Yusuf Alghanim

Executive Chairman, Alghanim Industries

Origin: Kuwait

Residence: Kuwait

Sector: Diversified

2023 Rank: 61

Kutayba is the chief architect of today’s Alghanim Industries. Founded in 1932, the conglomerate owns dealership rights to car brands such as Cadillac, Honda and Lincoln. It is also the franchise operator of Costa Coffee in Kuwait and Wendy’s in the Middle East.

He is credited for transforming Alghanim from a family- to a privately-owned business by opening new lines of credit to address a liquidity crunch, automating its processes and modernising its organisational culture.

In March, the conglomerate partnered with the Saudi Coffee Company, a unit of the Public Investment Fund, to promote Saudi Arabia’s coffee culture on a global scale. It also partnered with Chinese luxury car manufacturer Hongqi in September 2023 to represent the brand in Kuwait.


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