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Listings site Dubizzle acquires two real estate platforms

Listings site Dubizzle acquires two real estate platforms

Dubizzle claims to be the UAE’s largest property portal

Dubai-based listings site Dubizzle has announced its first ever acquisitions as part of efforts to boost its real estate offering.

The buys include Dubai-based software platform Masterkey, which automates day-to-day property management and brokerage tasks for real estate firms.

The firm has also acquired Masterkey staff-backed listing tool Airlist, which is designed to help small and medium businesses add, organise and publish listing data on a variety of portals.

Dubizzle took control of the companies on November 1 and will work together with them over the coming months to develop a product offering for real estate firms.

“Masterkey and Airlist are world class products and we are proud to invest in their people, technology and future. These acquisitions are a testament to our drive to be the number one property platform in the UAE and puts us at the forefront of market innovation,” said Dubizzle general manager Samer Abdin.

Dubizzle receives 200,000 property listings a month and claims to be the UAE’s biggest property portal with 71 per cent market share.


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