Listen in: OPPO Enco W31 launches in the Middle East
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Listen in: OPPO Enco W31 launches in the Middle East

Listen in: OPPO Enco W31 launches in the Middle East

The company’s first-ever wireless headphones is now available in the region

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Entering the crowded wireless headphones market can be a daunting proposition – there’s a host of these audio devices already present on the market and so the competition is stiff. Last month, OPPO introduced its first wireless headphones, the OPPO Enco W31, in the Middle East.

The reason that wired headphones were long favoured over wireless devices was that Bluetooth inadvertently led to a slight distortion in the audio quality.

To counter that, OPPO has developed these headphones with a binaural low-latency Bluetooth 5.0 transmission mechanism. In non-tech speak, binaural equates a 3D stereo sound effect while ultra-low latency lends a unified and synchronised audio experience.

The Bluetooth function has a range of up to 10 metres which allows for a decent range of separation from your smartphone when using these headphones.

Compatible with both Android and iOS devices, these in-ear headphones also feature anti-wind noise chambers and two internal microphones on either side. Thanks to a nifty algorithm developed by OPPO, much of the background noise is blocked out during calls.

Beyond the smart algorithms backing it, there is material innovation found here too which aids in better overall sound quality. These headphones use dual composite thermoplastic polyurethanes (TPU) and graphene diaphragms that are geared towards improving frequency response.

The headphones, backed by 7mm dynamic drivers, has a sensitivity of 95dB at 1kHZ.

It can be operated in two modes – Balanced Mode and Bass Mode – with a frequency response range of 20Hz-20Khz. The former mode is perfect when using these headphones to take regular calls while the latter is ideal when using them to listen to music instead.

The earbud-style device has an ergonomic in-ear design that allows it to remain in place even during a workout. With an IP54 rating, it is designed to be water and dustproof too.

The headphones which can be charged via a USB-C cable and will connect to your smartphone the moment the charging case is opened.

Its inbuilt sensors will automatically start the audio when you put them on, and will likewise pause it when you take them off.

It also has touch controls built onto it. To change the audio mode from balanced to bass, double tap the left earphone; to bring up the next song, double tap the right earphone; and to activate the voice assistant, triple tap either of the earpieces.

At 50 per cent of the maximum volume, these headphones can play music for up to 3.5 hours on a single charge.

With the charging case, it can return 15 hours of music playback and 12 hours of call time. When it’s time to plug it in, it can charge fully in 2.5 hours.

OPPO is making sure that nothing is middling regarding the performance or specs of their latest headphones.

Priced at Dhs299, these headphones are available on OPPO’s website as well as Noon, OPPO’s official e-commerce partner.

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