Likely date revealed for Prophet's birthday in the UAE
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Likely date revealed for Prophet’s birthday in the UAE

Likely date revealed for Prophet’s birthday in the UAE

Last month, the UAE announced that public and private sector workers will have a holiday to mark the occasion


The birthday of Prophet Muhammad is likely to fall on Saturday, November 9 in the UAE this year, an astronomer has predicted.

Ibrahim Al Jarwan, member of the Arab Union for Space and Astronomy, told local media that the crescent moon for the month of Rabi al-awwal is expected to start on Monday, October 28 at 7.38am UAE time.

“Accordingly, Tuesday, October 29, will be the first month of Rabi al-awwal 1441,” he said.

Mawlid Al Nabi – the anniversary of the Prophet Muhammad’s birthday – will be observed on the 12-Rabi al-awwal-1441.

In September, a revised list of public holidays was revealed for the public and private sectors in the UAE by the Federal Authority For Government Human Resources (FAHR).

According to the announcement, FAHR added a holiday to mark Prophet Muhammad’s birthday, which was excluded in the previous list.

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