Kuwait's Agility to invest $100m in online logistics platform
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Kuwait’s Agility to invest $100m in online logistics platform

Kuwait’s Agility to invest $100m in online logistics platform

The company said it is targeting businesses, entrepreneurs and consumers

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Kuwait logistics firm Agility has said it will invest $100m over the next three years to launch a digital platform.

Agility said Shipa.com would offer same-day and next-day deliveries and instant quotes, bookings and payments when shipping goods around the world.

A key target will be the Middle East’s rapidly growing e-commerce mark, where the company is initially offering freight, fulfilment, delivery and returns to customers in the Arabian Gulf, with plans to expand to Europe and Africa.

“Shipa.com makes life easier through technology, whether you are a small business running your supply chain with a few clicks, or a consumer getting your shopping delivered with a few taps on your phone,” said Agility chairwoman Henadi Al-Saleh.

“Shipa.com is the marriage of Agility’s logistics expertise and resources and the digital-first capabilities of the Shipa platform. It offers enormous value for our customers and brings new value to our company.”

The platform will place Agility in greater competition with other regional logistics providers like Dubai-based Aramex and global firms including DHL and FedEx.

The company said it would utilise its operations in more than 100 countries to support the platform.


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