Kuwait cracks down on fake degrees
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Kuwait cracks down on fake degrees

Kuwait cracks down on fake degrees

A new committee will take action against any state workers found to have fake qualifications


Kuwait’s cabinet has announced plans to set up a committee to examine the certificates of state employees and pursue legal action if any are found to be fake.

The plans come amid increased scrutiny of qualifications in the country due to concerns a large number of fake degrees have been used to obtain positions in both the public and private sector.

Last October, it was reported that the government would begin auditing the degree certificates of foreign residents when they apply for visa renewal.

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The new committee, comprising the Ministry of Higher Education, Civil Service Bureau and Fatwa and Legislation Department, will coordinate with all ministries and government agencies to study the certificates of citizen and expat government workers.

It will take legal action against anyone who is proved to have falsified his or her qualifications and obtained any kind of financial advantage through doing so.

The committee will submit a monthly report on its actions to counter fake degrees and preventative measures to halt fake degree holders from being employed.

The Ministry of Higher Education, Civil Service Bureau, General Authority of Manpower and other independent bodies have also been tasked with coming up with a mechanism to automatically link their degree verification systems.

The cabinet said all legal measures should be taken against forgers of educational certificates including prosecution of anyone involved in the process


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