Interview: Josh Blackburn, producer of Blippi, The Musical
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Interview: Josh Blackburn, producer of ‘Blippi, The Musical’

Interview: Josh Blackburn, producer of ‘Blippi, The Musical’

The popular musical has brought Blippi, the cheerful, energetic and educational children’s character, from the screen to the stage to entertain audiences

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Flash Entertainment brings Blippi The Musical to Abu Dhabi

What does it take to bring a much-loved character such as Blippi to the stage?  

We have an amazing team at Round Room Live that has worked on many family productions and has a wealth of knowledge. Since Blippi is a digitally native brand and character, we did extensive research into this brand, as well as others, to understand what kids and families expect and are familiar with in relation to these brands.

We then work closely with the brand team to see what their goals, hopes, and dreams are for a live show.  From there, we find and hire the best-in-business writers, directors, and designers who have incredible experience and vision to help take the show from the screen to the stage. Working hand in hand with both the brand teams and the creative teams, we work hard to bring these iconic characters to life!

What have been the main challenges of this transition?  

With such a popular character as Blippi, we know there are very high expectations. But we work incredibly hard to make sure that Blippi The Musical meets those expectations, and that fans all over the world have an exciting and memorable experience at the show.

What do audiences experience in the musical that is different from the Blippi YouTube channel?  

The musical takes the energy, enthusiasm and excitement of Blippi on Youtube and streaming and brings it to new, even higher levels. We will have families out of their seats and singing and dancing the whole time, as well as sharing in an incredible experience that will create memories to last forever.

Will there be anything unique for the Abu Dhabi audience?  

The musical has performed to sold-out audiences all around North America as well as London’s West End, and we’re so thrilled to be able to bring the same experience to families in Abu Dhabi for the very first time.

Please talk us through the educational elements of the stage production. 

Blippi inspires children’s natural curiosity for the world around them, as well as encourages learning through doing, playing, and exploring. Children all over the world are thrilled to learn alongside him while watching on Youtube and streaming and can now participate live with Blippi at Blippi The Musical. Audience members will be able to join Blippi on the ultimate curiosity adventure, while being encouraged to sing, dance, and clap along. Learning has never been so much fun!

The musical is being staged in Abu Dhabi with four fun-filled shows of dancing, singing, and learning on February 18 and 19 at Etihad Arena, with shows at 11am and 3pm.

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