Job Opportunities In The UAE Bleak
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Job Opportunities In The UAE Bleak

Job Opportunities In The UAE Bleak

New consumer confidence survey reveals there are few jobs currently available in the country.


There are not many jobs available in the UAE at present, according to a new survey carried out by job site and research body YouGov.

While 80 per cent of the respondents to the survey stated that ‘not many’ or ‘very few’ jobs were available in the country, 74 per cent said that business conditions are neutral to bad.

More than a third, 34 per cent, of the respondents to the MENA Consumer Confidence Survey also claimed that there are fewer employees in their company now than there were at this time last year.

Job satisfaction in the UAE is also considered to be mostly neutral to low, with only 16 per cent stating that the career prospects in their current job are high.

The majority, 75 per cent, claimed neutral to low satisfaction in terms of job security while 50 per cent of the respondents are unhappy with their current compensation, the survey found.

However, most of the respondents expect a more positive outlook going ahead.

Over 23 per cent anticipate a growth in the number of employees at their current company in the coming three months.

Almost half, 49 per cent, of the UAE respondents also expect the business conditions to improve in the next 12 months while 35 per cent stated that more jobs will be available in the year ahead.

Data for the quarterly survey was collected online from July 16 to August 1 2012.

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