Italian wellness company Technogym presents Bike Personal
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Italian wellness company Technogym presents Bike Personal

Italian wellness company Technogym presents Bike Personal

The bike features Technogym Coach, which can remotely assist with spinning classes via the digital console fitted onto the bike

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Technogym Bike Personal

The Covid-19 pandemic has forced billions of people around the world to remain indoors.

Additionally, with Ramadan having begun around the world and many offices offering their employees shorter working hours, people are staying at home for several hours more than they would otherwise over a regular working day.

But staying at home isn’t necessarily an excuse to give up your fitness routine altogether. In fact, there may be a greater case, now more than ever, to exercise and boost our immune systems.

Stepping in is multi-billion dollar listed Italian wellness company, Technogym, with its nifty piece of exercise equipment – the Bike Personal.

Designed by award-winning Italian architect Antonio Citterio, it is part of Technogym’s Personal Line collection of fitness equipment.

For those familiar with the company’s Personal Line, it comprises of other high-end equipment like the Cross Personal, Run Personal treadmill or even the Recline Personal recumbent bike.

This Bike Personal meanwhile is a compact piece of training equipment whose “bulk is the smallest ever achieved in an indoor bike of this level” says Technogym.

Its aesthetics are only one half of its appeal – the rest lies in the technology and software integrated into it. As Technogym’s founder and president Nerio Alessandri told Gulf Business in an exclusive interview last month, he set up the company not only as a fitness equipment manufacturer but a company driven with the desire to integrate technology into all its wellness solutions equipment.

Consequently, Technogym has developed the Mywellness – an open platform present on all its equipment consoles – that connects to third-party players including Apple Health and Samsung Health.

The Mywellness platform is connected to a cloud platform that allows users to log in their personalised fitness data directly via the console of the equipment they are training on and then store that data on the cloud which can be downloaded to any of Technogym’s machines anywhere in the world.

The Bike Personal features the Mywellness cloud function and additionally also has heart rate sensors built into the handles of the bike. A CPR training mode on it automatically adjusts the intensity of the workout to match your desired fitness goals.

The bike also allows a personal trainer into your home – without ever breaking any social distancing protocols. That’s because it features Technogym Coach – an on-demand personal trainer who will guide you through a session displayed via the console in front of you.

That Technogym Coach is made available via the Technogym Live feature which has recently been rolled out and allows users to stream live and on-demand exercise sessions from their preferred trainers around the world.

For those who’d rather just use the screen in front of them for leisure time, Technogym allows users to stream content from social media, TV channels or even Netflix and YouTube.

There’s even a device on the bike to place your (wireless charging-enabled) smartphone which will use the kinetic motion generated by your workout to recharge the device.

Technogym supplies equipment to 65,000 fitness centres across the world. Its equipment is also present in over 300,000 private homes globally. “More than 50 million people train with Technogym every day all over the world,” said Alessandri.

More details on the Technogym Bike Personal available here  

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