Interview: Aldo Carpinteri
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Interview: Aldo Carpinteri

Interview: Aldo Carpinteri

The founder and president of talks about ways to scale an ecommerce business

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Establishing a fashion brand ground-up, and not inheriting one, nearly 50 years ago out of Italy takes a certain amount of tenacity. Aldo Carpinteri the founder and president of has done not only that but has also evolved the business to make sure that it remains robustly relevant and fiercely competitive.

How did the idea for your venture come about?

I always dreamt of creating something great from Sicily – of building a unique fashion retail project based on innovation and young talent and of using my energy and passion to compete with the rest of the world, beyond the realm of our native island.

What is the USP of

The company has grown into very successful omnichannel platform which allows us to create unique edits for each location reaching interesting client profiles while developing a constantly evolving website with a selection of an over 10,000 item-rich catalogue with worldwide delivery to over 180 destinations.

Do you work with a mix of established brands and smaller independent labels?

We have a sharply edited mix of modern staples and cutting-edge pieces from over 300 designers, with each season bringing a new roster of emerging talents. From the start, we loved Craig Green and Vetements.

How do you balance e-commerce and physical retail? has been the beating heart of the company. Our unique approach to physical stores comes to life through innovative brick-and-mortar spaces located in the heart of Trapani, Favignana, St. Moritz and Forte village (with new projects soon in Portofino and Milano). These spaces reflect the stark contrast between the raw beauty of the location and the edgy and sophisticated product selection.

Give us a sense’s e-commerce growth?’s ever-growing digital focus began in 2015. In February 2018, we teamed 
up with the e-commerce experts at Farfetch’s Black & White division to rethink the online boutique. With operations based in Trapani, has played a key role in developing new professions and fostering new skills in Sicily and since then has developed a state-of-the-art 4,500 square metres warehouse, fast worldwide shipping allowing it to truly reach its full potential which has been growing 90 per cent year-on-year. Our e-commerce business drove 80 per cent of our revenue for 2018.

What is the demographic profile of shoppers at has a very broad age group of between 18 and 45. Of these, 65 per cent shop for womenswear while 35 per cent shop for menswear. Our best selling countries are the USA, UK and Italy. We also have a lot of traffic coming from Asia and the UAE.

What is the bespoke customer service that offers?

We have a VIP client manager who connects with our top clients accompanying them on their unique shopping journey.

What are your plans for the UAE? 

UAE is a very interesting market for us and we are looking into creating events and brand ambassadors to grow and develop our clientele there.

What are you doing to future-proof 

We are expanding our retail network as well as consolidating our digital presence, our aim is to be flexible and maintain sustainable growth while taking advantage of the opportunities we meet along the road.


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