Intel Arabian Cup ‘League of Legends’ tournament enters final stage
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Intel Arabian Cup ‘League of Legends’ tournament enters final stage

Intel Arabian Cup ‘League of Legends’ tournament enters final stage

Eight teams from MENA participating in Riot Games’ popular title League of Legends


The inaugural Intel Arabian Cup (IAC), a partnership between Riot Games, Intel and Lenovo, enters the final stage from December 11 with eight teams from MENA participating. The competition is based on Riot Games’ popular title ‘League of Legends’.

IAC has provided a platform for professional and amateur gamers to connect and compete virtually during the Covid-19 pandemic. The tournament has attracted over 5.5 million total views via online streaming platforms.

The tournament is part of Riot Games’ efforts to promote gaming in the region by attracting new players, increasing fan engagement as well as nurturing local talent.

Eight teams will be in action during the final stage of IAC including Fox Gaming, EGZ Esports, Divine Vendetta, Anubis Gaming, Overmind, Galaxy Racer Esports, Summon Aery and Titans Gaming Centre.

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The teams qualified after two stages of action. The first stage, which attracted more than 5,000 players from over 1,000 participating teams, saw the 13 teams, winners of their respective national competitions, advance to the second stage.

Intel and Lenovo are both deeply involved in the gaming industry. Intel has partnered with leading esports leagues, brands and publishers for nearly two decades and created gaming-optimised technology. Lenovo on the other hand manufactures gaming equipment and has been part of several initiatives inspiring female gamers to participate in gaming.

“We are fully aware there is an exceptional talent in the MENA region when it comes to gaming especially in League of Legends,” said Karim Hachani, head of Publishing MENA, Riot Games “This advantage provides us with the opportunity to explore how we can make gaming experiences more innovative while also making them fun and challenging at the same time. With the support of Intel and Lenovo, we have been able to widen our audience and attract new people to the League of Legends during the IAC.”

Fans across the MENA region can follow the action live with matches taking place on December 11, 12, 18 and 19.

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