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Indonesia’s Lion Air flight crashes with 189 people on board

Indonesia’s Lion Air flight crashes with 189 people on board

The Boeing 737 jet crashed into the sea soon after take-off from Jakarta

A flight operated by Indonesia’s Lion Air with 189 people on board – including one infant and two babies – crashed into the sea shortly after take-off on Monday morning.

Flight JT 610, a Boeing 737 MAX 8 jet, was flying from Indonesian capital Jakarta to Pangkal Pinang.

According to reports, the plane lost contact with ground control a few minutes after take-off.

“The plane crashed into water about 30 to 40m deep,” Search and Rescue Agency (SAR) spokesman Yusuf Latif told AFP.

Wreckage from the crashed plane has reportedly been found in the sea, said Muhmmad Syaugi, the head of SAR.

“We don’t know yet whether there are any survivors,” Syaugi told a news conference. “We hope, we pray, but we cannot confirm.”

The SAR has currently deployed boats, helicopter and 130 rescue workers to the crash site in the Java Sea.

Lion Air told the BBC that the aircraft involved in the crash was made in 2018 and that it had only been deployed by the airline since August 15.

The aircraft’s manufacturer Boeing said it was ready to provide technical assistance to the accident investigation.

“The Boeing Company is deeply saddened by the loss of Flight JT 610. We express our concern for those on board, and extend heartfelt sympathies to their families and loved ones,” it said in a statement.

“In accordance with international protocol, all inquiries about aviation accident investigations must be directed to the Indonesia’s National Transportation Safety Committee (NTSC).”


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