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Indigo flight from Dubai diverted to Mumbai due to “unruly behaviour”

Indigo flight from Dubai diverted to Mumbai due to “unruly behaviour”

A passenger onboard the aircraft reportedly turned “violent”

A flight operated by Indian airline Indigo flying from Dubai to Calicut (in Kerala) this morning was forced to land in Mumbai following “unruly” passenger behaviour.

Flight 6E 89, which took off from Dubai at 4.25am, was diverted to Mumbai after a passenger onboard allegedly misbehaved with staff.

In a statement, the airline said: “A little before landing, a passenger seated on 5D (who was accompanied by his brother) suddenly started misbehaving with the crew.

“He jumped on the forward cart (which is used for food and onboard merchandise) and sat on it. The crew immediately informed the captain-in-command and the lead crew. The lead politely requested the passenger to step down from the cart and he obliged.

“This passenger after stepping down from the cart, suddenly got violent and started physically abusing the other co-passenger.

“Taking the precautionary measure, the captain immediately informed the Air Traffic control (ATC) and the ground security staff about the situation onboard,” the airline added.

The aircraft landed in Mumbai at 9.15am and the unruly passenger was handed over to security forces. The flight resumed the journey towards Calicut at 10.30am.

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