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Indian resident injured by missile attack in Saudi

Indian resident injured by missile attack in Saudi

An Egyptian expat was killed by an assault of seven missiles last Sunday

An Indian resident was injured in Saudi Arabia on Saturday after being hit by the fragments of a ballistic missile fired from Yemen.

Saudi coalition spokesperson Turki Al-Maliki said the missile was fired at 10:16am towards Najran City before being intercepted and destroyed by Saudi air defence forces.

Civil Defence spokesperson for the Najran Region, captain Abdulkhaliq Ali Al-Qahtani, told the official Saudi Press Agency that teams responded to the incident after fragments fell on a residential neighbourhood.

He said the civil defence personnel “dealt with the incident” but the extent of the resident’s injuries was not disclosed.

Saudi Arabia and its Western allies accuse Iran of providing ballistic missile components to Yemen’s Houthi rebels, who are fighting forces backed by a Saudi-led coalition in the country’s civil war.

The kingdom’s defence forces have intercepted dozens of missiles fired across the border including one fired towards the southern city of Jazan on Thursday and seven others fired towards Riyadh, Najran, Jizan and Khamis Mushait last Sunday.

The mass attack just before midnight last Sunday marked a dramatic escalation on previous instances of single projectiles fired across the border.

It also resulted in the first death from the attacks after falling debris from the three projectiles fired towards Riyadh killed an Egyptian man and injured two others.

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The United Nations condemned the attacks on Wednesday, amid concerns that an arms embargo on the Houthi leaders had been breached.

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