Indian expats in the UAE urged to report any delay in salary payment

The embassy also cautioned Indian job seekers not to fall for any scams and have valid entry permits

The Indian Embassy in the UAE has advised its citizens living in the country to report any delays in salary payment.

In a message on Twitter, it urged Indians to report to any such instance directly to the Indian embassy in Abu Dhabi or the consulate general of India in Dubai.

The embassy also cautioned Indian job seekers in the UAE to arrange for a valid work permit and employment letter before arriving in the country and to avoid working on visit visas.

It posted several interviews of several Indians who were duped by fraudulent employment agencies.

One such person is Bhakshinder Kaur from Jalandhar, who had travelled from Delhi to Sharjah on a tourist visa. She holds an ECR passport and paid Rs22,000 ($314.5)to her agent.

Vikram Kumar from Pali, Rajasthan, was duped by an illegal agent from Mumbai to whom he paid Rs55,000 ($786) and travelled to the UAE on a visit visa. He was repatriated to India on Monday.

In another incident, Anjali Caru from Krishna district in Andhra Pradesh, was trapped by an illegal agent and came to UAE on a visit visa. She holds an ECR passport and said her agent instructed her to “mislead” the immigration officer.

Rita Ajit Panjabi, who was safely repatriated to India on April 29, had also travelled on a visit visa from Mumbai to Sharjah and had approached the embassy “in distress”.

Meanwhile Rijwan Ahmad and Parvej Hashmi were “trapped by an illegal agent in Lucknow and lured to come to UAE on visit visa”, the embassy said. Both are ECR passport holders. They were safely repatriated to India last week.