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In pictures: Here’s what Emirates’ Expo 2020 pavilion will look like

In pictures: Here’s what Emirates’ Expo 2020 pavilion will look like

Emirates has partnered with aerospace and aviation players to curate futuristic experiences

Dubai carrier Emirates has unveiled details about its Expo 2020 pavilion ahead of the six-month long event which begins in October next year.

Emirates has collaborated with aerospace and aviation partners to curate experiences heralding the future of travel, a statement said.

“The Emirates Expo 2020 pavilion offers a preview for the future of commercial aviation in 2071, exploring the outer boundaries of science and technology as we look forward to the next 50 years of air travel,” said Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum, chairman and CEO of Emirates Airline and group.

“The interactive experiences will allow visitors to experiment with advanced airframes, propulsion systems, futuristic fuselages, and ultramodern composite materials.”

Few experiences in store for Emirates visitors include:

Personalised experience
Each visitor creates his/her own personalised journey by collecting a ‘seed’ – a tactile sphere at the pavilion. As visitors interact with installations across the pavilion, these interactions are stored on the ‘seed’ for playback in the final experience.

Science of flight
Visitors will interact with the narrative to show how a combination of low air pressure and wing shape creates lift, which alongside other elements, enables flight.

Cleaner skies
The cleaner skies installation at the pavilion will illustrate sustainability concerns pertinent to passenger growth and technological advancements. Visitors will be invited to know more of future technologies being developed to tackle climate change.

Future lab
Visitors can enter a laboratory to test technologies and witness a series of experiments carried out by robotic arms.

Thrust and propulsion
Visitors will view future engines and fuels via animated screens and motion graphics. The futurist engine concepts will illustrate technologies such as hypersonic, hydrogen, hybrid and electric.

Design your perfect aircraft
Through an “ultra-haptic” interface, visitors will be asked to build their aircraft and operate it via a flight simulator. Holographic screens will offer feedback to visitors on their design decisions.

Airport of the future
Emirates will help visitors visualise how technologies such as biometrics and data analytics will transform their experiences on the ground. Innovations such as electric powered transportation and smart waste management systems will be explored.

Experience your tomorrow
Visitors will explore futuristic aircraft interior cabins via interactive virtual reality headsets, navigating the fuselage’s interactive windows, inflight communication systems, noise cancelling sound shrouds as well as automated trolleys.

Seeding the future
The entire Emirates experience, combining storytelling and 3D motions graphics alongside visitor information captured during the tour, will be recorded on the seed for uploading.


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