IN FULL: Qatar Emir's Abdication Speech
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IN FULL: Qatar Emir’s Abdication Speech

IN FULL: Qatar Emir’s Abdication Speech

Here is the text of outgoing Qatari Emir Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani’s abdication speech in which he handed over power to his son.

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In the name of God, the most merciful.

My dear people, the sons of this nation.

I speak to you today as we prepare to enter a new era in the history of our nation. I wanted to address you first because you are the owners of this land of the pure as well as its protectors, the builders of its renaissance and the makers of its future.

This was the faith that filled my heart and lived in my soul as I grew up in the land of Qatar and started to hold responsibilities to serve this homeland and its people. God knows that I didn’t want power for itself nor did I seek it for personal motivations, but it’s the interest of the nation that required us to take us through a new era.

The time has come to open a new page in the journey of our nation that would have a new generation carry the responsibilities (armed) with their innovative ideas and active energies.

Our young people have proved in recent years that they are people of strength and resoluteness who comprehend the spirit of their time and fully understand its necessities while keeping up with what is new. Furthermore, they contribute with their ideas through the process of innovation.

And fit for this occasion is what Ali bin Abi Taleb said: “Teach your children the best of what you have been taught for they have been created for a time different than yours.”

You, our sons and daughters, are the treasure of this nation, the builders of its present and bearers of its future. Since the beginning, we have been positive about you and on you we have laid our hope. You have proved with your high ambitions and through the achievements that you have offered to the nation, that you are qualified for leadership and trustworthy.

I hope I have succeeded in bearing responsibility in a way that first pleases God and in a way that lives up to people’s expectations. In areas where I have excelled, it is only because of God’s guidance and in areas where I have done wrong, it is my own doing, and I hope people who bear responsibility after me learn from that.

I address you today to inform you that I will transfer power to Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani. I am fully confident that he is qualified for the responsibility and is trustworthy and able to carry the message forward. I am full of faith that you will be the best support for him as you supported me … I am confident too that Tamim will put the interest of the nation and its people as his priority and that the happiness of the Qatari people will be his main goal at all times.

The future is ahead of you as you move into a new reign where a young leadership holds up the banner. (This leadership) puts the ambition of the coming generation as a priority and works relentlessly to make that happen with the help of God and the sons of this nation and armed with experience which they have gathered in governance, in running the affairs of this country and deep understanding of our area and the Arab world in particular.

Although I am confident that you are qualified for bearing this responsibility, I advise you to be fearful of God, be of knowledge and work hard. Knowledge should be the light the guides your path and assist you in the creating the best future for this nation.

It is knowledge that produces generations that are able to bear responsibility and it is knowledge that helps them take the right path. Hard and faithful work should be your habit in order to serve the nation. Steer away from complacency, lethargy and indolence, for the present and future generations are only built with effort and hard work of their people. (Nations) are only shielded against the ambitions of others and protected from dangers through sweat and sacrifice.

Although I am confident about your loyalty to your Arabic and Islamic heritage, I advise you to preserve our cultural values that stem from our religion as well as our Arab and human heritage. We believe that the Arab world is a single body, its single states are in good condition if they the rest of the state are. I advise you to stick to righteousness despite all changing conditions …

I speak to you today to thank the people of Qatar who were with me and supported me throughout this path. They were the best supporters in times of hardship and helped overcome challenges. My goal has always been for them to live in prosperity, stability and security.

My heart will always beat with the love of this land and its nation, for it is the first thing I laid my eye upon and it is where my imagination was triggered.

I also thank and appreciate all of those who worked closely with me. They were the best supporters in times of hardship and prosperity. I thank our armed forces and our army for the honourable role that they have carried out during my leadership. I won’t forget as long as I live the loyalty of the Qatari people, praying for God to preserve Qatar and maintain its security and stability and lay His grace upon its people.

Peace be upon you

(Translated by Mahmoud Habboush)


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