IBM study: 85 per cent of UAE organisations plan to implement hybrid cloud
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IBM study: 85% of UAE organisations plan to implement hybrid cloud

IBM study: 85% of UAE organisations plan to implement hybrid cloud

Flexibility and cost savings seen as key driving factors for hybrid cloud


A new IBM study conducted by IDC says that 85 per cent of C-suite executives in the UAE are pursuing or planning to implement hybrid cloud strategies in their organisations.

The study says 32 per cent of UAE organisations are currently in the implementation stage, while over 50 per cent are in the planning phase.

According to the study, C-suite executives in the UAE are prioritising the implementation of hybrid cloud strategies to help their organisations benefit from flexibility, cost savings, testing and development, as well as disaster recovery.

Specifically, 68 per cent cited flexibility and significant cost savings they expect from implementing a hybrid cloud strategy, while 56 per cent view cloud as useful for conducting testing and development before moving their business-critical workloads to a production environment. Half of UAE respondents view hybrid cloud as a solution to any potential disaster recovery requirements their organisation may need.

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Additionally, organisations see hybrid cloud as an important step towards application modernisation or developing cloud-native applications. The survey says 65 per cent of respondents cited the ease of application deployment in adopting hybrid cloud in their organisations, 58 per cent want to leverage the operational benefits, and 55 per cent believe the technology will aid resource allocation improvements.

“It is evident that hybrid cloud strategies are becoming core to digital transformation journeys and increasingly prioritised in the UAE to help revolutionise business models,” said Hossam Seif El-Din, general manager of IBM in the Middle East and Pakistan.

“As organisations in the UAE transform their operations, hybrid cloud will continue to be adopted to provide flexibility and efficiencies and improve the bottom line.”


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