HUAWEI IdeaHub: New style smart office
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HUAWEI IdeaHub: New style smart office

HUAWEI IdeaHub: New style smart office

Huawei brings smart offices to enterprises with IdeaHub

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The growing complexity of the world can make even simple things seem more and more difficult. However, the simplest method is still most often the best approach.

HUAWEI IdeaHub embraces the concept of simplicity with clear objectives, functions, services, and user experiences.

This product has had just one goal from the very beginning of R&D: Bring smart offices to enterprises.

Huawei researched tens of thousands of enterprises to discover their top three needs: cloud video conferencing, intelligent whiteboards, and ultra-HD wireless projection. HUAWEI IdeaHub incorporates these three features to provide a smart office for diverse scenarios, including meeting rooms, executive offices, and open work areas.

Huawei has leveraged 27 years of experience in software and hardware to build a native conference system into IdeaHub. Developed by an industry giant in professional video conferencing, IdeaHub supports 1080p 30 fps cloud video conferencing without the help from external hardware. It uses the power and AI of the HUAWEI CLOUD Meeting service to become the new leader in cloud video conferencing in device-cloud synergy.

Cloud video conferencing is the core capability of IdeaHub. It more than meets the requirements of leader summits with vivid graphic fidelity for remote video conferencing and direct communication. Online summits for global leaders have adopted IdeaHub for its superior features.

IdeaHub greatly simplifies the complex process of cloud video conferencing. Its simple but powerful product capabilities and streamlined user experience are key to its core competitiveness, establish it as a unique product, and allow it to even outperform premium products of competitors.

IdeaHub streamlined UI won at the Red Dot Design Award.
Ultra-HD wireless technology opens the door to the new world of projection. Users just enter a simple password to project the content of their laptops and mobile phones on the large screen. Reverse control allows users to control the PC from IdeaHub. Users can also collaborate and annotate on the screen at any time. IdeaHub eliminates the complicated and tedious collaboration of traditional methods for simple, intuitive, and convenient communication.

IdeaHub, as a smart office endpoint, enters into the powerful service ecosystem of Huawei to eliminate the difficulties of software and hardware adaptation and simplify operations. Large-screen endpoints are no longer hardware silos, and N-in-one smart services for office teams replace multiple devices with one screen.

IdeaHub improves user experience with 4K co-author annotation and writing with a stroke effect at the industry’s lowest latency of 0.035s. Writing on the board is now exactly like writing on a piece of paper. Actual application scenarios utilise this capability for remote contract signing to simplify complex offline operations.

IdeaHub embodies simplicity in its physical design with its slender minimalist stand and combination of multiple cables into one external power cable. The all-in-one integration eliminates the need for traditional complex hardware. Also, its streamlined UI won the Red Dot Design Award. IdeaHub provides one screen for smart offices with a sleek design and streamlined UI for seamless incorporation into any workspace.

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