HPE and Alpha Data: Accelerating digital transformation HPE and Alpha Data: Accelerating digital transformation
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HPE and Alpha Data: Accelerating digital transformation

HPE and Alpha Data: Accelerating digital transformation

At Gitex Global this year, we spoke to Morad Qutqut from Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) and Sajeev Perunnelly from Alpha Data, who provided an insight into the scope of cloud-based technologies

Zubina Ahmed
HPE and Alpha Data: Accelerating digital transformation
Morad Qutqut from Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE)
Morad Qutqut from Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE)

What were the main technological solutions you provided at Gitex Global?
HPE showcased industry-leading solutions from Edge to Cloud, with HPE GreenLake leading the way, along with an Exascale demonstration and a Mercedes Formula 1 simulator at Gitex Global this year. HPE GreenLake offers unified cloud services, providing a seamless experience across hybrid cloud in your own environment, as a software-defined platform. It’s a flexible, open and secure platform that powers data first modernisation, wherever applications and data reside.

At Gitex, visitors were able to explore the platform, guided by HPE experts on-site and take a test drive. Exascale technology allows ultra-powerful supercomputing and HPE offers the most comprehensive end-to-end portfolio in the HPC and artificial intelligence (AI) segments. Visitors were able to find out more about Frontier, Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) supercomputer, built by HPE. Moreover, our digital advisors offered 45-minute one-to-one sessions to explore visitors’ digital journeys and advise on next steps. The sessions looked at their digital journey and its implications on technology across the edge to cloud landscape.

In the UAE, what is the scope of cloud-based technology? In what ways can this technology benefit companies?
In the UAE, we see a huge demand for cloud-based technology. There are different providers, public, local and certain services that they can run inside their data centre. The big question is, how they can combine these different offerings and flexibility across a single control panel that will allow them to consume these different services in a timely manner. And here is where HPE comes into play. We have the solution to help our customers accelerate their digital transformation journey. In the beginning, everyone was thinking about cloud first strategy implementation, whereas nowadays the leading strategy is data first. With this, we provide customers with the same experience from edge to cloud as well as flexible payment solutions.

Can you elaborate on how HPE provides the best cloud-based solutions?
We have customer references in manufacturing, government and others. To support customers in their digital transformation and business outcomes, and guide them throughout their cloud journey, we came up with ‘HPE Digital Life Garage’ in Dubai that is open to the whole of the Middle East. This programme is mainly aiming to help customers from the very early stage of brainstorming to measuring outcomes. All this is built as a service on the HPE GreenLake platform. We are supporting the ecosystem of innovation in the UAE and we are helping government and private sector customers to move on with these ideas to support their business. We are working closely with channel partners like Alpha Data and technology leaders like Intel, Microsoft, VMware, Nvidia, as well as startups to support provider, we believe we have a lot of scope for customers across the region.

Sajeev Perunnelly from Alpha Data
Sajeev Perunnelly from Alpha Data

What were the main technological solutions Alpha Data provided at Gitex Global?
Alpha Data is one of the largest partners of HPE in the UAE and our strategy is well-aligned with the company. When it comes to infrastructure, we cover everything from device to cloud. We also have a dedicated business practice for digital transformation, cybersecurity and helping our customers in cloud adoption. During Gitex this year, we showcased a wide range of practices, technologies and trends that covers data, AI, internet-of-things and automation. When it comes to infrastructure, our focus areas is development operations. We also demonstrated our capabilities and skills on some of the emerging trends such as the metaverse. Our key takeaway from the event is an unprecedented interest from our customers in digital transformation and their inclination for consuming technology as a service.

What types of cloud-based infrastructure and solutions does your company provide?
We have a dedicated cloud-first team that helps customers with the entire journey of cloudadoption. We offer them a one-stop solution from consulting and migration, to managed services for cloud infrastructure and optimisation of cloud consumption. With our deep expertise and our partnership with large technology companies, we have transformed from an onpremises infrastructure system integrator into a cloud system integrator. We also help our customers with cloud adoption in any form that their business demands – be it public, private and hybrid cloud options. When it comes to private and hybrid cloud option, HPE’s GreenLake plays a vital role in our cloud story.

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