HP LaserJet Tank printer for small businesses, home offices
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HP LaserJet Tank printer for small businesses and home offices

HP LaserJet Tank printer for small businesses and home offices

Here’s how the HP LaserJet Tank Printer Series can make a difference to your business

HP LaserJet Tank printer

Due to the ever-increasing challenges of the economy, including new technologies, remote work and the latest applications, small and medium businesses need to revamp their business strategies and operating processes to ensure that they are prepared for long-term growth to maximise their efficiency. In order to help small businesses print sustainably and at a low cost with features that suit their needs, HP has introduced the new LaserJet Tank Printer Series. One of the key aspects of this printer is that it is cartridge-free. It comes with a full toner tank which can print up to 5000 pages. With a 15 seconds easy refilling with affordable toners, it offers low-cost maintenance which is ideal for small businesses.

Here is a closer look at the HP printer that can make a massive difference in your business

Cartridge-free toner tank technology
The key feature of this series is being a cartridge-free printer which is not requiring any cartridge and that makes it a very convenient option to prefer. HP LaserJet Tank Printers have an internal toner-prefilled tank that you can print up to 5000 pages when you buy it. In the case of a small business printing approximately 500 pages a month, the HP LaserJet Tank Printer can print for 10 months without the need to replace toner or refill toner.

This Series of Printers have a slightly higher price range in comparison to traditional laser printers since they are offering a toner cost saving refilling system and high-tech features. The consumers will definitely experience the value of printer while using it consuming its 5.000 pages of toner within printer’s tank and even after when their toner runs out! Because they will experience very low toner costs on buying each Toner Refill which are sold at much affordable prices then the other traditional toner-cartridges. The consumer can also check how much they would save buying this printer from our Saving Calculator Tool which is enabled within HP LaserJet Tank WEB Page.

Savings calculator
The HP LaserJet Tank Printer is an economical product and someone who has used a traditional printer before and then switched to the HP LaserJet Tank Printer can see the big difference with a simple calculation. For this, HP has introduced a savings calculator on their website. Yearly saving is calculated based on yearly estimated print out number. After the calculation, it also provides a detailed report.

Besides providing small businesses with multifunctional print-scan-copy features, the HP LaserJet Tank Printer series offers fast two-sided printing, a 50,000-page imaging drum, HP Wolf Essential security protection and HP Smart app – all at an affordable cost.

Meanwhile, with its very affordable Original HP LaserJet Tank Toner Refill Kit, the tank can be refilled in just 15 seconds. This process can be done with ease without any toner scattering around.

Easy to install
Setting up the HP LaserJet Tank printer is a very simple process. Immediately after the printer is plugged in, users can start printing with its full toner tank. There are two vertical lines in the toner level indication located on the printer’s front and left side, representing the level of the toner in the cartridge. It is pertinent to note that each of these lines represents the printing of 2,500 pages. Therefore, the first of these lines turns off when you print up to 2,500 pages, and the second turns off when you print up to 5,000.

Security – The key aspect
The HP LaserJet Tank Printer draws attention not only with its speed and ease of use but also with its security details. In HP Wolf Essential Security, passwords, photos, scans and prints can be protected against external threats such as malware. In addition, since the printer’s firmware is constantly updated with the latest version, users can stay a step ahead with end-to-end security.

Furthermore, these printers can also be used with the HP Smart App. Users can print and scan via their smartphones.

To know more about the HP LaserJet Tank Printer Series, click here

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