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How To Rule The World Like… Larry Ellison

How To Rule The World Like… Larry Ellison

Larry Ellison is the CEO and co-founder of US-based computer technology company Oracle.

Pocket the big bucks

Ellison earned a whopping $96.2 million last year, making him the highest paid CEO in the US and miles above ($57.6 million to be precise) the second in line.

The world’s sixth richest and America’s third wealthiest man, the Oracle co-founder and CEO is worth an estimated $43 billion, according to Forbes.

Keep it in the family

The rich dad has reportedly been very generous to his two children —David, 30, and Megan, 27. The two have funded and produced many blockbuster Hollywood movies, with David producing World Wars Z, Star Trek Into Darkness and G.I. Joe: Retaliation and Megan working as the executive producer on Zero Dark Thirty.

Enjoy life’s finer pleasures

Passionate about yachting, Ellison owns the BMW Oracle Racing team and until recently, was the owner of the eighth largest yacht in the world. He also flies planes and plays tennis and guitar.

Buy an island… and donate liberally

Ellison bought 98 per cent of Hawaiian island Lanai in June last year, worth a reported $500 million. He has also been stocking up on real estate properties across the US.

But the affluent Ellison also contributes generously; he famously announced that he will give away at least 95 per cent of his wealth to charitable causes.


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