How The Kusnacht Practice prioritises every aspect of wellbeing
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How The Kusnacht Practice prioritises every aspect of wellbeing

How The Kusnacht Practice prioritises every aspect of wellbeing

Located in Switzerland, The Kusnacht Practice focuses on holistic methods and customised treatment programmes to restore the body, mind and soul

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The Covid-19 pandemic has put a lot of things in perspective for us, including the significant value of wellbeing. Wellbeing in the true sense of the word is not just the absence of illness, but an integrated blend of an individual’s physical, mental, emotional and social health. This is the key philosophy that underpins The Kusnacht Practice, one of the world’s leading and most sought-after luxury treatment centres.

Located in Switzerland, on the bank of Lake Zurich and more recently, in Geneva, The Kusnacht Practice focuses on holistic methods and customised treatment programmes to restore the delicate balance between the body,  mind and soul.

Eduardo Greghi, CEO and chairman, The Kusnacht Practice, says: “The concept behind The Kusnacht Practice was initially inspired by psychiatrist and psychoanalyst Dr. Carl Gustav Jung, who lived and worked in Kusnacht over 100 years ago and was instrumental in furthering the field of psychiatry.

“The Kusnacht Practice was founded in 2007, and since then, our goal has been to treat the entire spectrum of mental health issues, through a holistic approach. We create “a home away from home” for our clients and are passionate about helping them make sustainable life changes.”

A focus on comfort
The centre has a selection of fully-serviced, private villas and penthouses, complemented by scenic views and luxurious interiors, to ensure clients can heal in a comfortable setting without any interruptions. In 2021, The Kusnacht Practice launched its second centre in Geneva, to address the needs of its growing list of clients from across the world, including the Middle East.

Greghi adds, “The Kusnacht Practice has extensive experience in treating clients from the Middle East, and we’ve seen a steady increase year-on-year from clients from the region who’ve heard of our innovative approach to healing and exclusive treatment programmes. Our team speaks 12 languages, including Arabic, and is very understanding of different cultures, which makes our international clients feel at ease and cared for.”

A personalised setting
To ensure the utmost discretion, only a limited number of clients are welcomed to The Kusnacht Practice at a time, with each one treated in the privacy of their own residence. A specially formed team of renowned medical experts are put together for each client, depending on the treatment required and the programme they’ve been advised.

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A legacy of excellence
The facility’s in-house team, which includes experts in the fields of somatic, psychiatric and orthomolecular medicine, plays a great role in supporting the centre’s high standards of patient care.

Dr László Ürögi, head of Psychiatry, Psychotherapy and Relapse Prevention, says, “As a process-orientated medical centre, we combine Swiss standards of excellence, luxury and cutting edge, innovative technology with world-class medical expertise.

“All our treatment modalities are evidence-based. Our internal and external panel of experts is closely involved in enabling an individual’s healing journey, with the right amount of medical care provided through the different treatment stages. Compassion, empathy and sensitivity are equally vital elements of this process.”

Depending on the diagnoses, clients receive between six to eight individual sessions a day at their private residence, for a stay lasting six to eight weeks on average. They also have round-the-clock access  to a live-in personal counsellor, nutritionist and private butler.

The Kusnacht Practice also offers one of the best and most unique aftercare programmes in the world, which ensures clients continue their journey of recovery following their stay.

“Our common aim is to treat the causes of our clients’ disorders, not just their symptoms. This is the only way to achieve long-term improvement of health and stable healing,” says Dr Ürögi.

Specialised programmes

While The Kusnacht Practice specialises in the treatment of depression, trauma, anxiety, dependency and chronic pain management, its general programmes are also very popular. These programmes include biomolecular restoration, also called Bio-R, a highly effective, personalised method for detoxification, weight reduction and anti-ageing.

The centre also offers residential leader retreats and family programmes, and a post-Covid recovery treatment. The latter consists of a residential programme that includes 360-degree medical assessments, ranging from in-depth lab testing and analysis to diagnostics and treatment solutions through a range of specialised therapies, including psychological support.

The leader retreat programme is aimed at corporate executives and business leaders, who have huge financial, professional and personal responsibilities that come with managing organisations. Such individuals are prone to stress and other mental and physical challenges.

Dr Ürögi says, “We believe it’s vital to preserve health and to prevent problems before they impact the individual and later, the business. Our team identifies and predicts possible health problems before they unfold, such as burnout, depression, and problems with resilience and energy. Our all-encompassing, nurturing and empathetic approach employs a holistic, 360-degree plan unique to the individual to assist their wellbeing. If essential, “working” time is incorporated into their daily schedule, as our team can provide office facilities within the villa or penthouse.

Enjoying family time to energise the mind, body and soul is also encouraged in the personalised family treatment programme at The Kusnacht Practice.  The treatment plan is specially designed to welcome relatives to share the same or different medical treatments, depending on each particular objective.

These programmes reflect The Kusnacht Practice’s ongoing commitment to enable the overall wellbeing of individuals, which in turn, will contribute to building healthier communities at large.

To know more about these programmes, click here.

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