How Singapore is leading the way for the recovery of the sustainable travel industry
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How Singapore is leading the way for the recovery of the sustainable travel industry

How Singapore is leading the way for the recovery of the sustainable travel industry

An upcoming panel discussion at Expo 2020 Dubai later this month attempts to explore how urban design and technology will attract the next generation of travellers

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Expo 2020 Dubai

Singapore has been at the forefront of building a city-state that is exemplary in terms of its innovation, technology, transport solutions and its ingenuity to develop sustainability options that are designed to be future-proof.

Showcasing that singular focus on developing sustainable and ecologically-sound models is its 1,550-square-metre pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai that is set to achieve net-zero energy during the six-month event period via the use of solar panels, management of energy and desalination of saline groundwater.

Singapore is keen to spread the message of how it has developed its unique solutions. SingapoReimagine Global Conversations is a specific platform established by the Singapore Tourism Board with the explicit aim of explaining how Singapore has achieved its leadership position in the global discussion around several topics including sustainability, mobility and travel. SingapoReimagine Global Conversations is a thought leadership series that convenes influential business leaders and industry spokespersons, from Singapore and beyond, to share their perspectives, exchange ideas and trigger conversations as well as collaborations.

Global Conversations will put the spotlight on the traveller and be anchored through data insights and case studies. The discussions will delve into the changing consumer behaviours, the latest trends and observations on travel and tourism, and key takeaways to help businesses shape their recovery strategies – both domestically and internationally.

The next session of the SingapoReimagine Global Conversations is set to be held at Expo 2020 Dubai later this month. The theme for the upcoming session is Reimagined Cities: Can cities leverage urban design and technology to attract the next generation traveller?

The session will take 3pm-5pm on Saturday, January 22, 2022 in the Terra Auditorium at Expo 2020 Dubai. The panel will include luminaries such as Dr. Barkathunnisha, co-founder of World Women Tourism and founder of Elevated Consultancy and training; Michael Magill, managing director of RSP Architects Planners and Engineers Middle East; Xavier Anglada, managing director of Energy GCAL, member of Accenture’s Global Leadership Council, and innovation lead in the Middle East.

Expo 2020 Dubai

Several topics will be discussed during the session, including how the tourism sector can adapt to changing consumer preferences by employing artificial intelligence and technological innovations. For example, no-touch technology can be used to plan and manage all aspects of a journey, while augmented reality can provide immersive navigation services and eliminate any language difficulties.

The panel will also look at how cities are deploying architecture to create the tourist attractions of the future, from plant-covered, sustainable buildings to bold and contemporary urban design features. It will further explore how sustainability is influencing where people choose to travel, where they stay and how destinations are transforming to adapt to this reality.

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The speakers will take an in-depth look into the current shift in global travel trends. Focused on the benefits of urban design and technology, they will debate how these tools can be used to showcase the sophistication, creativity and quality of various destinations across the world.

With the ongoing global travel recovery from the pandemic underway globally, the event will attempt to unite global stakeholders and media professionals to understand what the next generation wants from a destination, and how partnerships, technology, design and local communities can help evolve the travel sector.

The panel discussion will take place from 3pm-5pm on Saturday, January 22, at the Terra Auditorium at Expo 2020 Dubai. Attendance is free, though all attendees must have a negative PCR test with a 48-hour validity to be permitted entry to the event. To register to attend, click here

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